Description some possible errors and their fixing.

Errors after installation

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Generation the encryption key

This problem will occur if you have not generated a key. Go to the panel directory and run the command:

php artisan key:generate --force

Database migration

This problem will occur if you have not migrate database. Go to the panel directory and run the command:

php artisan migrate --seed

Server Startup Errors

More details you can view in logs.

Go to Administration -> GDaemon tasks, open last server startup task.

Check GameAP Daemon logs. Проверьте логи GameAP Daemon. Logs are stored on a dedicated server in a directory /var/log/gameap-daemon.

Server status is displayed incorrectly

Sometimes it happens that the server starts, but its status in the panel is displayed as offline.

Empty server start command

This error occurs when the launch command for the game server is empty, it must be filled.

Go to the game server administration page: Administration -> Servers -> Then select your game server.

Or from main page Servers List -> Select game server -> Control -> Administration

Find the field Start command, fill the field. For Counter-Strike 1.6 startup command will be something like this:

./hlds_run -game cstrike +ip {ip} +port {port} +map {default_map} +maxplayers {maxplayers} +sys_ticrate {fps}

Sometimes after settings changing you should restart GameAP Daemon.

The information modal window does not change for a long time

Usually server startup takes less than 10 seconds to start. If the status bar is frozen at 10% or the status does not change for several minutes, then try to start/restart GameAP Daemon:

service gameap-daemon restart

Server install/update errors

Failed to install via steamcmd

In some cases steamcmd users occurs with that error. Reasons not fully known but gameap support alternative download system called “depot downloader”. All what you need is replace original file to alternative:

cd /srv/gameap/steamcmd
curl -O
chmod 755 && chown gameap:gameap