GameAP is an open source dashboard for managing game servers and services.

Supported Games

GameAP supports starting, stopping and restarting any games and services.

Game Query Rcon Notes
Half-Life Supported all versions and many popular mods (Sven Co-op, HeadCrab Frenzy)
Counter-Strike Supported all versions (1.6, Source, Global Offencive)
Team Fortress 2  
Garry’s Mod  
San Andreas: MP      

and many more…

Installation methods

Automatic installation

Available for Debian, Ubuntu, Windows. Fully automatic installation. You need to run the script, it will automatically install the necessary packages and panel.

Difficulty: easy

GameAP 3.x Automatic Installation

Manual installation from GitHub

Installing from source codes. You will need to download the panel, install Composer and NPM package dependencies, build assets using NPM.

Difficulty: high

GameAP 3.x manual installation

Installation on Shared hosting

Installing the panel on a shared hosting, where there is no access to the command line.

Not recommended method