Automatic panel installation

! This page is outdated, please use one of the following up-to-date guides:

Fully automatic installation. You need to run the script, it will automatically install the packages dependencies and panel. During the installation, you will need to enter and select some parameters:

  • Installation path
  • Pahel host. Domain or IP
  • Select database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Select web server: Nginx, Apache

Dependencies installation

To run the script you need CURL.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl


sudo yum update
sudo yum install curl

Running auto installation script

Download and run script:

curl -sLO
bash ./

Running with parameters

For silent installation no questions asked set parameters:

  • --path Path to panel files.
  • --host Panel host, IP or domain name.
  • --web-server Possible values: nginx, apache, none
  • --database Possible values: mysql, pgsql, sqlite, none
  • --github Script will install and build panel from GitHub’а. Recommended options.
  • --upgrade Use this option to upgrade panel


Panel installation

The following example will automatically install the panel in the directory /var/www/gameap, install and configure the web server, database. The panel should be available at the address specified in --host:

./ \
    --path=/var/www/gameap \ \
    --web-server=nginx \
    --database=mysql \

The following example will automatically install the panel in the directory /var/www/gameap. Web server will not be installed. The php-sqlite package will be installed for working with the SQLite database.

./ \
    --path=/var/www/gameap \
    --host=localhost \
    --web-server=none \

Panel upgrading

The followind example will upgrade panel to last available version:

./ --upgrade

Upgrading panel using github:

./ --upgrade --github

Other packages that the script installs

In addition to the panel itself, the script installs the necessary packages and their dependencies. Most likely, all or most of them will already be installed on your system.


The script automatically installs the following packages.:

  • software-properties-common APT Repository Management package.
  • apt-transport-https https support for APT
  • gnupg Package for working with digital signatures and keys. Required to authenticate packages and add repository keys.

If you use --github options, the script will also install the following packages:

  • git Git Tool. To download and update panel from GitHub
  • composer PHP Package Manager. To install packages dependencies.
  • npm NodeJS Package Manager. To build GameAP Styles.

PHP extensions: php-cli, php-fpm, php-pdo, php-mysql, php-redis, php-curl php-bz2, php-zip, php-xml, php-mbstring, php-bcmath


The script can add multiple repositories to APT. For example, in Debian Stretch, the default is PHP 7.0, and the minimum PHP version for panel 7.1. In this case, the script will check the ability to install the required version of PHP, if it is not, then add the necessary repositories.

  • This repository will be added to Debian Stretch and Jessie if the ability to install PHP >= 7.1 is not possible. Delete file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/php.list if you want to remove repository

  • ppa:ondrej/php Repository with the latest versions of PHP for Ubuntu. Will be added to Ubuntu Trusty and below. To delete, run the command: sudo ppa-purge ppa:ondrej/php

  • Nginx official repository. It will be added if Nginx was selected as a web server. Delete file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nginx.list if you want to remove repository